Born out of the collision of art and architecture, the L’AFSHAR brand’s evolution to include its Studio collection was a natural one. L’AFSHAR Studio is comprised of a collection of Objets D’art composed of designer Lilian’s favourite materials: Acrylic and Resin and the simplicity and beauty of both these mediums. 

Created for contemporary collectors, designed to add bold expression to unique spaces, L’AFSHAR Studio boasts a collection of unique pieces made with an eye for bold sculptural lines, effortlessness and enduring modernity. 

Designs include accent chairs, coffee tables, vases, taper candleholders, coasters, trays, fruit bowls, cubes and small boxes (for vanity/coffee tables) and more – each adding personality and panache to any atmosphere they’re placed in.

Founder & Designer, Lilian, works closely with her team to bring innovative designs to life, constantly considering how they can push production boundaries with new techniques.