Do you ship internationally?

Yes, the countries we ship are available at checkout. If your country is not listed at checkout please send us an email at info@lafsharstudio.com.

Do you work on custom projects?

Yes we do, please send your project details to info@lafsharstudio.com.

How much does international delivery cost?
Shipping prices will be listed at checkout. If you are ordering more than 3 furniture pieces please email us at info@lafsharstudio.com for a custom shipping quote. 

How much does furniture delivery cost within Dubai?

We offer free delivery for furniture orders within Dubai. 

What currency will I be charged in?
You will be charged in USD.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. All payments are processed through checkout.com on a secure connection.

How can I clean my Acrylic pieces?

Begin cleaning by sweeping off any loose dust or debris. You can then use a very soft damp cloth along with either a cleaning fluid stating that it is suitable for acrylic.
What not to do?

Never use Windex or any other glass cleaner that contains ammonia on acrylic or polycarbonate. Paper towels should also be avoided, as some brands may create scratches.

What materials do you use?

Our designs are made with either high grade European Acrylic or from Resin that we cast in-house.

Where are your products made?

Our products are all made in Dubai. We have a team of experienced craftsmen making each product with a lot of care and love.

How are your furniture pieces shipped?

All furniture items are shipped in plywood boxes that protect the heavier pieces during shipment. Please arrange adequate approvals or permits for delivery. Along with the correct space for the delivery of your items, inclusive of ensuring the product will fit through all necessary doors and lifts.